Sheet metal

We offer silver plate for sale:

Ag 925 – Basic level used to make jewellery
Ag 960 – High-quality silver, more flexible and softer, used mainly in the production of pipes as well as deep-embossed objects
Ag 999 – Pure silver, very soft, used for setting stones, the production of coins and bullion and colloidal silver

We are also able to make sheets with different samples or with corresponding (non-standard) alloys additives. The sheet is rolled according to a specific order, thanks to which we can adjust the dimensions as much as possible to the customer’s requirements, which has a considerable impact on the amount of waste as well as the associated costs for producing the product.

We offer the following dimensions:

Maximum thickness 10 millimetres, minimum 0.1 millimetre (+/- 0.01 mm)
Maximum width 450 millimetres, minimum 2 millimetres (+/- 0.01 mm)


The sheet can be hard, semi-hard or tempered. We also offer help in adjusting the hardness to the product requirements. We accept granulate and production scrap metal as payment.

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